What is there to expect when getting dentures?

    What is there to expect when getting dentures?

    It’s come down to this: Either you or your dentist determined that it’s time for you to get dentures. It may be because of gum disease or an injury, but it’s decided that this is the best course of action. But what will the process be like? What should you do to prepare? What about afterward? It may seem new and daunting, but with some research, everything will go smoothly. While every case is a unique one, more or less, here’s generally what to expect when getting dentures.

     The Procedure

    Depending on where you get your dentures fitted, you may have either a short or long wait for you to get the permanent ones. In the interim, your dentist, after extracting any necessary teeth, will give you some temporary dentures. Then, if your dentist has to send out any molds, it will take some time before you get your real ones. While you wait, you can do things like learn how to clean your dentures so that when you go back, you’ll be ready to wear them and care for them without as much of a transition period. If your dentist has an in-house dental lab, that waiting time can be cut much, much shorter.


    Once you get home with your new dentures, you’re not going to be able to immediately eat any food that you want. Your mouth will still be adjusting to the new addition and it will take a while, weeks in fact, for things to get closer to approximating anything near a normal feeling. Don’t worry about it, just make sure that you have plenty of soft food available beforehand so that you can start eating. It has to be easy to chew so that you won’t have any irritation or complications. Also, try to chew on the sides of your mouth. That will help keep the dentures in place.

    What To Watch For

    While there’s some discomfort to be expected, you should go back to the dentist if there’s outright pain, bleeding or discharge due to possible cuts from an ill-fitting denture. Be extra vigilant about whether food is getting underneath the denture.Do not try to outwait pain – it will only get worse and can create even more damage that your dentist may have to clean up later. You must make sure that the dentures are cleaned by carefully brushing them and then are soaked nightly to be positive that they are as sanitary as possible. Dirty dentures are a big hazard, since they can introduce all kinds of dangerous germs into your mouth.

    Having skilled experts make the dentures for you can make a big difference between a happy experience and a bad one. If you’re in the Hagerstown or Frederick areas of Maryland, Acadia Dental and Dentures is the place to go. They have an in-house dental laboratory, which will eliminate the need to wait for a long period of time. You will also be able to pick from a wide array of either partial or full dentures, which will be custom-made to fit your mouth.