Tooth Extractions

There are instances when a tooth cannot be saved, and the only solution is to remove it. Acadia Dental uses great care and extreme precision when it comes time to extract a tooth. There also won’t be any pain during your extraction. There are several reasons that call for a tooth extraction and some are as follows:

  • Damaged tooth
  • Infection that cannot be fixed by root canal
  • Teeth blocking other teeth from growing in

Most teeth extractions are a rather simple procedure. It consists of loosening the tooth and then removal with a pair of forceps. A local anesthesia, which is done with a simple injection, is also required.

More complex situations require a surgical extraction, which could call for a general anesthesia. This scenario would be needed to extract a tooth that has a large and curved root. Pulling wisdom teeth that have not come in yet also fall under a surgical extraction.

Same Day Dentures

Some kinds of denture work could take time to complete. That means some patients could be forced to go for stretches of time while missing one or teeth. To avoid that unsightly look, there is the option of same day dentures. Acadia Dental can make you a pair of same day dentures and fit them appropriately before you leave our office.

Same day dentures also have a functionality outside of being cosmetic. Following the extraction of a tooth, there could be a reduction in bleeding with the use of same day dentures. They can also help with the healing process.

Same day dentures are an excellent solution while a new pair of dentures is being made. It is a temporary solution and keeps patients from having to walk around with embarrassing gaps in their mouths. Your food will also be chewed a lot easier with this solution. The general duration for same day dentures spans between three and six months.

Same day dentures can be yours that same day at Acadia Dental. We will make sure your tooth extraction does not leave you without a full set of teeth. Serving residents in West Virginia and Maryland, Acadia continues to provide service to Hagerstown, Frederick, Charleston and other nearby communities.


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