The right kind of dentures could make for a much more comfortable lifestyle. Eating, talking and an overall comfort level can be achieved by visiting the right dental office. Acadia Dental caters to each client’s particular needs. Our dentists fit clients with dentures that best suit them for comfort, health and a cosmetic standpoint. Here’s a look at some of the types of dentures offered by Acadia Dental.

Soft Dentures

These types of dentures are exactly as they sound. Soft dentures have a softer lining and are not made out of acrylic like other dentures. They can provide more comfort and are also hyper-allergenic. Soft dentures have a very natural look to them as well.

Flexible Dentures

Comfort is a major benefit of flexible dentures. There is a coating made of flexible resin that lies on the denture’s outer layer. It provides comfort by reducing the amount of rubbing against the gums. There is also a very appealing cosmetic look to these dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures may include just a limited amount of teeth attached to the base and can be made of acrylic or metal to fit a necessary space in your mouth. This is helpful for people missing only a certain amount of teeth. A partial denture can fill in gaps and give you the look of having a full set of teeth.

Implant Support Dentures

These are the kind of dentures that snap in overtop other tooth implants to provide a more secure hold. They do not just rest atop the gums but are anchored in with the use of implants. It is more commonly used on the lower jaw and prevents slippage as well as keeping the denture from coming loose.

No matter what type of dentures you are looking for, Acadia Dental can find the right fit for you. West Virginia residents of Charlestown and Shepherdstown can benefit from our denture services. We also provide service to Maryland residents in Hagerstown, Frederick, Martinsburg, Chambersburg and other surrounding communities.


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