Denture Repair

Ordinary, everyday meals can take a toll on dentures. It’s not unusual for dentures to break, crack or come out of alignment. When any of those issues arises, Acadia Dental can solve the problem. One of our dentists will identify the problem and respond with a quick, effective solution that will bring comfort back to you. The professionals at Acadia Dental can help fix the following denture problems:

  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Addition of teeth for partial dentures
  • Removal of stains
  • Polishing and cleaning

At any point in time, you could have the unfortunate experience of saying, ‘I broke my denture.’ There is no need to worry any longer as the dentists at Acadia can give you back your winning smile.

Denture Reline

Comfort is of the utmost importance when wearing dentures. When discomfort or pain starts to become an issue, it may be time for a denture reline. This may be needed due to things like the changing of gum tissue over time, age, weight loss or gain, and infection. Whatever the reason, a denture reline will provide you with a much better fit.

It is also healthier for you and will maintain your dental ridges. The life span of your dentures will increase as well. There are two different types of relines, and they are as follows:

  • Hard reline – This is a unique process and will usually require you to be without your dentures for a few days. Cured plastic provides a fix, and this has a tendency to last longer than a soft reline.
  • Soft reline – This can be done right there in the dental office, and while it may not be as permanent as a hard reline, it provides an immediate solution to denture issues.

In order to successfully complete a reline, there needs to be an impression taken of your gums. Your dentures will then be refitted for maximum comfort and health.

The experienced team at Acadia Dental can help with all your denture reline needs. Our dental reline services are available to Maryland residents in Hagerstown, Frederick, Martinsburg and Chambersburg. Our service also extends to the Charlestown and Shepherdstown areas of West Virginia.


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