My Denture Broke How Can I Fix it?

    My Denture Broke How Can I Fix it?

    How can I fix my denture if it broke?

    You’re at a big event – a graduation party, a reunion, a wedding… and it happens. You bite down on a piece of food, and then the next thing you know, you feel a crunch on the inside of your mouth… and you hadn’t bit down on anything crunchy. There’s a shift in your jaw area and you feel something moving around. After the shock ends and you discreetly try to spit the loose tooth into something like a napkin, you’ll likely find yourself muttering, “My denture broke. How can I fix it?” There are some options out there that won’t be a long-term solution, but may stave off the need to make an emergency visit to a dentist or specialist to make a possibly costly repair.

    Super Glue A Tooth Back In

    Yes, the same thing that you use to piece together that broken vase can be quite valuable when it comes to putting back together a broken denture. This is assuming that one of the teeth fell out of the wire anchor. For obvious reasons, don’t do this with the denture in your mouth – take it out, wash it, and thoroughly dry it. Add a bit of the glue to the area and then quickly put the tooth in and hold it there for a few seconds to let everything bond. Slowly take your hand away and make sure that everything is solidly in place. This is not something that can last for a long time – you will have to go to a dentist to get denture acrylic. But it could help you enjoy the rest of the event.

    Denture Repair Kit For Missing Tooth

    Yes, there are these kits that are sold in pharmacies… they can be more reliable than Super Glue. It’s usually ideal for putting a tooth back on the denture, and while some of them may boast that they can also fix cracks in the denture, it’s better to just save those situations for professionals. Just follow the directions carefully when putting the missing tooth back in. This will just be a temporary fix, though.

    Cracked Dentures Are  A No-Go For DIY

    This is the one where you have to admit defeat, because these dentures are made a specific way to fit your mouth and any error in putting the pieces back together can result in extreme discomfort. You’ll have to get by as gamely as you possibly can during your event or make an emergency trip to a dentist if it’s urgent. Otherwise, you’ll have to go in as soon as possible and have the dentist’s office do it, because this requires skill on their part. This cannot be stressed enough – it will be a disaster if you try to fix a cracked denture.

    Whatever your situation, it’s ultimately best to have a professional look at it eventually, so that it can be securely re-fastened or fixed. If you live in the Hagerstown area, the people at Acadia Dental and Dentures can have your dentures looking good as new. You can contact us here or call us. Then you can go back out and enjoy more events.