Find out how to get rid of denture sores!

    Find out how to get rid of denture sores!

    When you get a new set of dentures – possibly your first one ever, it might feel uncomfortable at first, especially since your mouth will be healing from all the work that was done on it, but it doesn’t get better over the next few days. If anything, the pain gets worse and it may even reach the point where you would rather remove the dentures and just try to do without them.

    It’s fine if you want to give your teeth a temporary break. However, removing them for long periods of time could be the worst possible course of action because it would cause your other teeth to shift and leaving your jaw and face looking for the worse.

    The last thing you want to feel is the discomfort that winds up turning to unbearable agony. You need to monitor how your mouth feels – getting a new pair of dentures is an adjustment process, but you need to remember that it should never get to the point where it’s affecting your eating and sleeping patterns, even when you don’t have the dentures in your mouth.

    What can be done to make sure that these sores go away?

    • See the dentist if the soreness or pain has not gone away after few weeks. Do this earlier if the pain gets bad. Your dentist will be able to look at your dentures and do necessary adjustments to make it more comfortable. You might need a soft reline. Even with optimal healing, it’s still a process.
    • Make sure that you’re cleaning the denture properly. If you’re not brushing it at least once a day and then soaking it overnight, you’re running a huge risk of bacteria or bits of food that are left in the mouth will accumulate to cause an infection in your still-recovering jaw or gums. This is not something to gloss over. Make sure that you use a well-known denture cleaner. Also, do not sleep with the denture in your mouth – your gums need to heal.
    • Handle your dentures carefully when you remove them or carry them around. It is possible that you subtly change the shape of it each time that you hold it and that can have an effect on how they sit in your mouth when you put them back in.
    • Ensure that the denture is a good fit. If it’s not, you will have sores. If you feel shifting, then it is a poor fit. Do not wait, go back to the dentist and he or she will refit it. To do otherwise just increases the risks of possible infection not to mention irritation.
    • Your denture may be causing you to have an improper “bite”. Your dentist will work with you on that.

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