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    Increase of Implants!

    Throughout the past few years, the number of patients going through dental implant procedures in Hagerstown has been steadily on the rise. Unlike old fashioned implants, modern day dental implants improve quality of life without taking away aesthetics of a natural smile!

    Additionally, implants are being requested by younger patients to fix an oral ailment or decaying tooth. The benefits of dental implants are endless, especially with the great dental practice available to us right here in Hagerstown! But if you are you looking for dental implants in Frederick, please click here.

    Smile Restoration

    Recent studies have shown that dental implants have been identified by both general dentists and oral surgeons as the easiest choice for smile restoration. Unlike the implants placed in the 70’s and 80’s, millennium grade implants use carefully chosen materials which will mirror the look and feel of your natural teeth. Dentists are able to match up the exact shade and texture to your natural teeth. In turn, this makes maintenance much easier, as the implant does not need to be removed from the mouth in order to be cleaned. Patients can simply brush, floss and rinse as they would their very own teeth!

    dental implants in frederickImplants On the Rise

    As the demand for dental implants rises, dentists are reporting that this is one of the most common procedures requested at their practices. Baby boomers and millennials alike are utilizing cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their teeth, gums and overall smile. In many cases, cosmetic dentistry and implants are even used in conjunction with orthodontics. Additionally, people have realized that implants are an easier, more appealing treatment than some of the alternatives: removable dentures, crowns and bridges.

    As the number of dental implants being placed increases, so does the technology associated with them, as well as dental education. Today’s dental schools include all aspects of dental implant placement in their curriculum. Dentists around the Hagerstown area are even seeing some patients who have had dentures placed come back and request dental implants. Some may feel that this would improve their look, while others may want a solution which would be comfortable, by improving their speech, chewing ability and decreasing time spent daily on maintenance.

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    Dental implants are on the rise in Hagerstown, MD 21740 for various reasons. Patients of all ages have turned to this cosmetic procedure to improve their smiles and lives!