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When we hear the term dental, many of us have negative reactions. People often fear the dental chair as they associate it with pain and discomfort. When people hear “implants”, they often react, because this word is associated with a prosthetic object being placed inside the body. However, we are here to take away any negative associations with dental implants. In fact, there are many benefits to having them placed and the beauty is, they can in certain cases be completed in just one day.

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What Will Be Placed Inside The Mouth?

Lets break down exactly what a dental implant consists of. They are posts made of titanium, which are carefully and accurately placed onto the jawbone, or mandible. They then serve as a strong, sturdy anchor and replacement of the tooth root. In many cases, only one or a few dental implants are needed, if a tooth or teeth have been lost due to disease, an injury or tooth decay over the years. The porcelain implants are placed securely on top of the anchor and you are ready to go!

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

There are several reasons to consider having dental implants placed. First of all, what matters most to many patients is appearance and functionality. The implants are designed to follow the structure of your mouth and original teeth while being able to enhance the original appearance as needed while still being completely natural. Next, when it comes to functionality and comfort, they will improve your speech if you have had missing teeth for a while.

Once the implants have been placed they become a permanent part of your mouth and patients tend to have much less attention on them than they did when with their original teeth. With proper care, very little maintenance is needed, as the materials used in dental implants are very durable and designed to last in the mouth for many years. In some cases, these teeth cannot be restored, so an implant is the best way to go. They look and feel just like your natural teeth and will fit right in!

Additionally, in many cases, they can stop the decay from spreading further into the other teeth and surrounding structures, saving you lots of money on dental procedures down the road.

Enjoy The Foods You Love!

Those individuals who are candidates for dental implants have often been suffering from quite some time. Some have been unable to speak or smile comfortably, while others have been subject to pain and tooth sensitivity, which has impacted their diet. Hot or cold liquids and foods may have been avoided for awhile.

With the placement of dental implants, once the six to twelve week healing process is complete, you will be free to indulge in all of the foods and beverages you love! The implants are very sturdy and can stand up to some of the toughest foods. Don’t wait for your next favorite holiday to roll around and miss out on all of those delicious dishes, having your implants placed and healed prior to the holidays will allow you to
eat and enjoy!

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