• 22 MAY 17

    Start of Dental Care

    Why should dental care start from a young age?   There are several reasons why dental care should begin from nearly the time of birth: to build a strong, healthy foundation.  The mouth provides human beings with two major abilities: the ability to speak and the ability to eat to digest nutrients which are essential

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    • 24 MAR 17

    What Can an Emergency Dentist Really Do?

    It always seems that unexpected injuries and illnesses come up at the most inconvenient times.  For example, kids and adults alike seem to experience damage or pain to the teeth and gums prior to an important event or even worse, during the event!  However, just like it is important to prepare for natural disasters or

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    • 01 FEB 17

    Why Should I See A Dental Hygienist?

    We all want a white, bright and healthy smile.  However, not all of us know how to achieve that.  Visiting a dental hygienist twice per year is the best way to improve the aesthetic of your teeth, while maintaining overall health.  Your hygienist will not only remove plaque, tartar and buildup of bacteria, but will

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    • 20 JAN 17

    Dentures in Thurmont MD

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