• 22 MAY 17

    Start of Dental Care

    Why should dental care start from a young age?  There are several reasons why dental care should begin from nearly the time of birth – to build a strong, healthy foundation.  The mouth provides human beings with two major abilities: the ability to speak and the ability to eat to digest nutrients which are essential

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    • 01 FEB 17

    Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

    Dental implants are becoming more and more popular among patients of all ages.  There are many reasons why patients choose them as an alternative to bridges or dentures.  This is because the procedure is not painful, provides minimal discomfort and looks more natural than other options to tooth replacement.  Additionally, with today’s modern dental technology

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    • 01 NOV 16

    Sudden Toothache?

    How I Can Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment? We all know who to call when we have a medical emergency, but what is the alternative for a dental emergency?  While calling 911 or going to the local emergency room may seem like the best option for the amount of pain you have, it is likely

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    • 25 OCT 16

    Fix That Tooth!

    How Can A Dentist Fix A Broken Tooth? There are many ways a tooth can break.  Believe it or not, but nearly all adults have broken or chipped a tooth at some point throughout their lifetime.  Although this may seem like a tragic emergency at the time, it’s important to remain calm and follow proper

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