• 04 AUG 17

    How Can I Clean My Dentures?

    Dentures are a great procedure for many patients who have experienced tooth loss. Whether they are a full set of dentures or partials, it is important to care for them properly. They need to not only be kept clean, but also free from any stains or residue. Follow These Easy Steps! It is important to

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    • 20 JUL 17

    Dispel Denture Myths

    Denture technology has grown over the years and the advances that have been made have blown the old ones out of the water! We’ll showcase this through an anecdote from one of our patients. What are Overdentures? I didn’t think I would ever end up with dentures, yet, I did wind up with full dentures

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    • 22 JUN 17

    Do Dentists Really Do Root Canals?

    When we hear the term “root canal” there are often many negative feelings associated with this procedure. People worldwide associate root canals with pain, discomfort and trauma.  However, with the proper dental care having a root canal can be as simple as another errand! What Is A Root Canal? Prior to going to any dental

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    • 21 JUN 17

    How Do Same Day Dentures Work?

    When we think of almost any dental procedure, we often associate this with pain, discomfort and timely healing process.  However, with Acadia Dental, this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to dentures.  There is a new dental process in place which is referred to by dentists and patients alike as “same day

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