• 20 JAN 17

    Dentures in Thurmont MD

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    • 11 JAN 17

    Tooth Pulled?

    The DO’s and DONT’s After Tooth Extraction Prep Work If you are undergoing a tooth extraction, there are a few key steps which you must take to prepare. Prior to your extraction appointment, you must let your dentist know if you have any underlying medical conditions.  Additionally, it is very important to disclose if you

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    • 02 DEC 16

    When to Call Your Dentist?

    When is the right time for you to call the dentist? So when to call your dentist? Well, the answer is straight and to the point – get checked at the very first signs of a problem. But you should visit a dental practice twice per year for general check-ups and teeth cleanings. This is

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    • 25 NOV 16

    Dentist in Germantown, MD

    Are You Looking for a Dentist in Germantown, MD? Germantown Maryland is truly a town with a very deep, rich American history and roots.  Many have since settled there to raise families and start careers. This is why Acadia Dentistry & Dentures has settled in the area as well.  The team at Acadia truly feels

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